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April 28, 2022

Andrew Woolfolk

At this point, many of you have the news about the passing of original Earth, Wind & Fire saxophonist Andrew Woolfolk. To say he was an inspiration to me would be a HUGE understatement. He was one of the many reasons I fell in love with the band. He had such a signature way of playing and I tried, and failed, to play his “Sun Goddess” solo from the live Gratitude album almost everyday of high school. It was so raw and honest and I loved every note of it.
I met him several times but we only played together once when he sat in with us one night at, what I believe, was a show at the old Universal Amphitheater, but don’t quote me on that… Reece said, “Woolfolk’s here.” I was like, “Whaaaaaat? Really? Can he play with us please? I gotta hear that sound up close.” He did and I asked him to PLEASE play the solo on “Sun Goddess”. I closed my eyes and bobbed back and forth as I could finally hear that sound in person that was such a part of my history.
Moments like these are the ones I’ll never forget and I’m honored to have fulfilled a dream by being among a group of saxophone players who all share a part of the legacy of this music and continue to inspire me to keep the standard raised high, like Don Myrick, Gary Bias & the late, great Andrew Woolfolk.
Rest in Peace my brotha & thank you 💪🏾🎷🙏🏾