Summer Fun!

Summer 2017 – Wow, I can’t believe everything that’s been going on. I’ve been doing quite a lot of writing, arranging & recording in the new studio and a few projects I’ve been a part of are finally ready for release, like Damian Marley’s new solo album Stony Hill which has a release date of July 21, 2017. We had a great time in the studio and we can’t wait to have it come out. I’ve also been writing for the new project by Maestro Sergio Mendes as well as writing some orchestrations for our August 6th show with the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. Early on, it’s already proving to be an exciting summer. Stay tuned for more, breaking news!

Fun on the set of Dancing With The Stars! #DWTS

Welcome to my new website

Hey everybody and welcome to my new-look website! I’m happy you popped by and would like to invite you to look around and make yourself right at home 🙂 There’s a bunch of new information here and the updates are going to be pretty frequent, so feel free to make this a regular stop. As expected, the focus will be music, but this time I plan on having a lot more room to express my thoughts on music & life and hope to open up some ways we can regularly interact here. Again, I thank you for coming by – drop me a line so we can stay in touch too. God bless!

Seattle Times

Where do I start? What an AMAZING time I had in Seattle! Every time I come here I enjoy it more & more. This visit was a combo vaca & work and I loved every minute of it. I also love the music supporters here. They’re some of the best in the country and their energy always pulls a lot out of us and the performances couldn’t have been better. Here are some pics from my time there.

Israel 2016

As I write this, it’s 5 a.m. in Tel Aviv where we’ve spent the week and, I’m awake finding new music on YouTube. This time it’s a classic album from Brazil called “Só no Apito” by Padre Miguel from the 70’s. It’s all about the Batucada rhythms of Brazil and it and other music like it kept me up until 5:30am last night sitting in my room and dancing in my seat! I just couldn’t go to sleep. You won’t either if you click on the link – You’ve been warned!

I’ve had such a great time here in Israel. It’s been really hot & humid but, with a hotel right on the beach, you know where we spent all of our free time! Who wouldn’t when you’re on the shores of the Mediterranean? The food was great and the people were warm, passionate and gave us so much love during the shows that we wanted to play all night long! It was a truly special time to bring the music of Brazil to the people of Israel. May we get the chance to do it again in the not so distant future.

Here are some pics from our trip. As always, feel free to pop over to my Instagram page, where I post LOTS more pics of my journeys. That way, we get to take the journey together. Enjoy

DWTS Season 22

As we approach the end of Season 22, I’m in disbelief that it’s gone by so quickly. I hope you’ve had as much fun watching as we had playing and singing for such a super talented group of celebrities, athletes and dancers. Special thanks to Ray Chew for leading the way throughout the season and my amazing family of endorsers, Yamaha Winds, Reunion Blues Cases, D’Addario Woodwinds and Westone Audio for the instruments I play, cases that keep my instruments safe and sound, the reeds that help me play with such ease and for the great sounding in-ear monitors I use on stage and in the studio.

Of course, I have to send love to my brothers in the horn section, Andrew Lippman, Javier Gonzalez & Harry Kim. Whether dancing, writing or playing, we did it! Now, as we prep for the Finale next week, here are some pics from the season. Be sure to tune in to the Finale on May 23 & 24 to see who, between Paige, Nyle & Ginger, takes home the coveted Mirror Ball trophy. Enjoy!

The Prince Is Gone …

April 25, 2016 – I’ve just been numb all day and couldn’t comment on the loss of another giant…. He had a HUGE impact on me and I always admired him for a plethora of reasons – too many to name here. The thing I admired the most was his desire & demand for excellence in his music. Without ever knowing him, his demand for excellence always inspired me to reach higher, dig deeper, stay up a little later & get up a little earlier in order to get better at my craft & to show respect to my Creator for the gift that I’ve been given.

Michael Jackson, Maurice White, & Prince were all artists whose imprint on my life was HUGE and this, as was their loss, hits me particularly hard cuz he was just a complete bad-ass! The chasm between his amazing talent and the madness we’re left with, that they call music, has been made even wider & even more apparent. I’m starting to get really mad so I’m just gonna stop and go to bed….. It’s just not right….

April 23: As I listen to Prince all & every day, I wanted to share the desktop pic that I use every now & then as inspiration plus my one and only one Prince story:

Years ago, I was on tour with Anita Baker. Her percussionist was Sheila E’s dad, the legendary Pete Escovedo. Sheila & Prince came to see the show. Afterwards, Peter & I walked her to the waiting limo outside. As we approached the body guarded car, the window lowered and the HUGE body guard leaned into the window to be given a message meant for me. I was only allowed to get so close when the body guard came up to me and said, “Prince says he likes the sax player!”

Sergio Mendes Asia 2016 Tour

Greetings from Japan where the 17-hour time difference from Los Angeles is just doing wonders for my sleep patterns … I get to wake up every 2 hours! Frustrating but I’m used to it. That circadian rhythm thing is a real thing and when you travel to the other part of the planet, it does affect you. The best part is, we got here safely so I’m grateful for God’s grace as we travel. We’ve had a great, few days here and I’m looking forward to many more. We’re performing in Japan & the Philippines. If you’re in Asia and would like to attend a show, I have our full schedule here. Click EVENTS for detailed info on each show so you can join the fun of the Sergio Mendes band live!

Here are a few shots but the rest are on my Instagram page. Follow me there so you can get an inside look at what we do on tour.