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April 20, 2017

Israel 2016

As I write this, it’s 5 a.m. in Tel Aviv where we’ve spent the week and, I’m awake finding new music on YouTube. This time it’s a classic album from Brazil called “Só no Apito” by Padre Miguel from the 70’s. It’s all about the Batucada rhythms of Brazil and it and other music like it kept me up until 5:30am last night sitting in my room and dancing in my seat! I just couldn’t go to sleep. You won’t either if you click on the link – You’ve been warned!

I’ve had such a great time here in Israel. It’s been really hot & humid but, with a hotel right on the beach, you know where we spent all of our free time! Who wouldn’t when you’re on the shores of the Mediterranean? The food was great and the people were warm, passionate and gave us so much love during the shows that we wanted to play all night long! It was a truly special time to bring the music of Brazil to the people of Israel. May we get the chance to do it again in the not so distant future.

Here are some pics from our trip. As always, feel free to pop over to my Instagram page, where I post LOTS more pics of my journeys. That way, we get to take the journey together. Enjoy