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April 20, 2017

The Prince Is Gone …

April 25, 2016 – I’ve just been numb all day and couldn’t comment on the loss of another giant…. He had a HUGE impact on me and I always admired him for a plethora of reasons – too many to name here. The thing I admired the most was his desire & demand for excellence in his music. Without ever knowing him, his demand for excellence always inspired me to reach higher, dig deeper, stay up a little later & get up a little earlier in order to get better at my craft & to show respect to my Creator for the gift that I’ve been given.

Michael Jackson, Maurice White, & Prince were all artists whose imprint on my life was HUGE and this, as was their loss, hits me particularly hard cuz he was just a complete bad-ass! The chasm between his amazing talent and the madness we’re left with, that they call music, has been made even wider & even more apparent. I’m starting to get really mad so I’m just gonna stop and go to bed….. It’s just not right….

April 23: As I listen to Prince all & every day, I wanted to share the desktop pic that I use every now & then as inspiration plus my one and only one Prince story:

Years ago, I was on tour with Anita Baker. Her percussionist was Sheila E’s dad, the legendary Pete Escovedo. Sheila & Prince came to see the show. Afterwards, Peter & I walked her to the waiting limo outside. As we approached the body guarded car, the window lowered and the HUGE body guard leaned into the window to be given a message meant for me. I was only allowed to get so close when the body guard came up to me and said, “Prince says he likes the sax player!”