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February 25, 2019

Spring 2019

Whoa! How is Spring here so soon? This Winter, Southern California experienced almost historic amounts of rain. The East had and continues to have super cold storms and both coasts had weather issues called things I’ve never heard of! In the midst of all that, I was still working towards the completion of my upcoming album, “Meu Brasil”. So I wrote, recorded, made calls, sent emails, heard stories of water coming into everyone’s homes from the down pouring we were getting in SoCal, and recorded, wrote, called and emailed all the more. I’m hoping to see the end of the tunnel and the completion by the end of Spring… #KeepPushing – Stay tuned I’ll keep you posted!

All new Sergio Mendes tour schedule has been updated with both U.S. and Europe being added to the calendar. Click on the Events page for full details as we might be in your area and would love to see you at a show.