The European 2014 Tour

Well we’re winding down to the end of the Sergio Mendes & Brazil 2014 European Tour and we have had a great time. We’ve performed at some amazing places with wonderful audiences. Tomorrow we’re performing in Rotterdam and then on to Marseille where we’ll share the stage with funk master George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic. THAT’S gonna be a night to remember!

Most of the shots are on my Instagram - Follow me!

Here are a few shots from the tour:

560px-Vue-générale 20140710_215808 1404947190518 Church Flute & Illy IMG_0160
IMG_0190IMG_20140708_225619 Matching Buildings Oldest cathedral in Vienne, France Rotterdam Centraal Station
Vienne Village

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World Cup Fever!

We finished our first show in Germany last night with the Sergio Mendes band and both Brazil & Germany have made it to the semi-finals. You can just imagine, with a band full of Brazilians and a crew full of Germans in Germany – how excited we all are! We all rushed back to the hotel after the show to watch the Brazil – Columbia match before turning in for the night. It would be amazing to have Brazil and Germany in the final, but we’ll see. My heart, of course, is with Brazil.

Vai Brazil!


And when we arrived in the lobby of our hotel in Hamburg, this was on the wall!

Hamburg Lobby

So, as we all know, Brazil didn’t win :-( but Germany played an amazing game so, in lieu of the loss and the fact that I’m IN GERMANY, I’ve gotta give the German team my love. I have to admit watching soccer with real fans especially here in Europe does help to get me to understand the game a lot more. I’m still learning but, what do you expect, I grew up with our American professional sports & soccer never quite took hold here. Things are changing and I think this World Cup helped America start enjoying this game. Go Germany!

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2014 BET Awards

I’m super excited to be in the house band, led by America’s Band Leader Ray Chew, for this year’s 2014 BET Awards. I’ll be playing in an amazing tribute to one of history’s most successful songwriters, the great Lionel Richie! Join us THIS Sunday at 8:00 PM in most time zones on BET Networks. Check your local listing for time & channel. More details are in my SHOWS tab. Tune in! If you’re a Twitterati, follow me to join in on the fun: @scottmayomusic

 Lionel BET

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Latest Testimony Reviews

I’m honored to have received some wonderful reviews on my latest album Testimony. Here is the most recent one from

Testimony Cover

Title: Testimony

Artist: Scott Mayo

Label: CD Baby

Formats: CD, MP3

Release date: June 23, 2013

Veteran television, film and stage saxophonist Scott Mayo’s sophomore album Testimony shows that he is a man of few musical boundaries.  On his second solo album in ten years, this Grammy-nominated musical producer and woodwind player extraordinaire has surprised his listeners with an all-vocal album.

Having learned to draw strengths from his weaknesses, the significance of Testimonylies in the telling of Mr. Mayo’s life lessons as a man, musician father, friend, lover and listener. So it’s very appropriate that the first album track, “Have You Heard of Him,” is a testament to his career in music.  In a well-produced mélange of sound bites, funky beats and saxophone solos, praises of Mr. Mayo’s talents by musical legends Dori Caymmi, Ricky Lawson, Sergio Mendes and Romeo Johnson afford the less-informed listener with a concise assessment of his presence in the industry as a musical behemoth.

Unafraid of accepting the challenges of creating music in multiple idioms, Testimonyebbs and flows in and out of various styles, accompanied by introspective lyrics that color the mood of each tune.  From smooth jazz, to pop-rock and R&B, Scott Mayo’s vocal styling’s will provide listeners that know him solely as an instrumentalist with a surprise.  Alexx Daye shines bright in the beautifully executed duet “All of a Sudden,” where one will also appreciate the musical quotation of Maze and Frankie Beverly’s baseline from “Before I Let Go”.

Mayo’s true genius lies in his arrangements and orchestrations; the voicing in “You Gave Me a Reason” is absolutely luscious.  Most appreciated by this listener was the trombone solo by Andrew Lippman and the Brazilian pop sounds near the end of “Round and Round.”

Testimony is an album that will appeal to the easy listening demographic.  It’s pleasant and easy-going.  Scott Mayo’s vast experience in the music industry gives this album a polished sound and the featured guest artists refreshed what this reviewer felt was a revival of the mid-‘90s R&B/pop sound.

Reviewed by Madelyn Shackelford Washington

- See more at:


“…Beautiful, Awesome, A Jewel, An album that I’ll be playing frequently.”

Pick up your copy of  Testimony to experience it for yourself. Testimony is available at the following on-line music outlets:

iTunes         Amazon

CDBaby     Google Play


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New Sergio Mendes CD COMING SOON!

I am so completely proud and humbled to be a part of the new Sergio Mendes album “Magic”! The album is set for a June 9th European release with a US & worldwide release sometime this summer. Click here to listen to some snippets and see the list of stellar artists that are a part of this incredible project. US & European tour begins this June and continues throughout the summer.

I also had the honor a writing two songs on the album. One with Sergio and John Legend called, “Don’t Say Goodbye” featuring John’s beautiful voice and the other with maestro Mendes himself which is the title song, “Magic” where I’m the featured singer & saxophonist.

Enjoy the samples below!

Soundcloud Samples:

Sergio:Scott Writing Session #8srgiomendessergiomendes


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