Sergio Mendes Grammy Nomination

Excited is an understatement – Found out today that “Magic” by Sergio Mendes has been nominated for a ‪#‎Grammy‬ in the “Best World Music” category! I’m honored to be a part of such a great album of music by a legendary artist.

From the writing to the playing to the finished project, we had a blast and created magic! We danced, laughed and made, what I believe is, a truly great album. The list of guest artists and studio musicians on this album is astounding.

If you’re a member of the Academy, we’d all appreciate your support by voting for us once the ballots arrive. If you’re not a member, we’d appreciate your thoughts and prayers in support of a win. And if you don’t own “Magic”, pick up a copy to hear the magic for yourself!

See you at the Grammys :-)

Sergio-Mendes-MagicWritingFlute Session w Maestro Flute Session-1 Me & Scott-1 Mendes Horns-2 Mendes Horns-3 Mendes Horns-4 Mendes Session-1 Mendes Session-2 Mendes Session-3 Mendes Session-4 Playback-1 Playback-2

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DWTS Season 19 Finale

I can’t believe it but we’re at the end of the season already! Next week, November 24 & 25 will be the conclusion of Season 19 of Dancing With The Stars :-( We’ve had an absolute blast. I’m excited to see who America votes to win the #DWTS Mirror Ball trophy this season. I absolutely love being a part of a show that has such incredibly talented people, from the crew to the production staff, the pro dancers & the amazing musicians with whom I get to share the stage with each week. As I expected, this season was full of surprises, twists and turns. The elimination nights were especially surprising. You never know how the country’s gonna vote.  Here are some shots from Season 19 -

IMG_3566 PhotoGrid_1416264188445 PhotoGrid_1416264231618 PhotoGrid_1416264304700 PhotoGrid_1416264500524 PhotoGrid_1416264603185

Make sure to follow DTWS on Twitter and I look forward to seeing everybody again next season! God bless :-)

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For Your Consideration



If you’ve not submitted your Grammy ballot yet, I just found out I have some things up for consideration and I’d appreciate your support for my writing and featured artist participation on the latest Sergio Mendes project.

Album Of The Year “Magic”

Best Instrumental Composition “Magic”

Best Pop Duo/Group Performance “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Song Of The Year “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Best World Music Album “Magic”

Take a listen and please vote for us!


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So much going on….

Since my last post, so much has gone on. Here’s a quick update:

My college professor, Donald Sinta, retired after 40 years of teaching. They held a wonderful retirement party and concert for him in Ann Arbor. For 40 years he transformed lives and raised the standard of modern classical saxophone playing. I love this man!! Honored to be among his gifted group of students and it was great to have been a part of this celebration. #ThankGodForThisOpportunity #LearnFromAMaster

Me & Sinta

In the early part of September, we lost a giant in the jazz world, Maestro Gerald Wilson. :-( Gerald was an American icon, mostly known as a big band composer and arranger who, among a list of other things, lead the Gerald Wilson Orchestra. I was honored and humbled to be among the great list of musicians who were a part of his orchestra. To list the names of the musicians who passed through Gerald’s band is like a Who’s Who of jazz. He will be greatly missed by the musical community but more so by his family. My prayers continue to be with them.


Still getting used to my new look but having fun being dread free! I have SO MANY hats now :-)


#DWTS Dancing With The Stars

We’re back and here are some shots from the rehearsals to the shows – Check my show schedule for time & channel. Enjoy the pix!


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