Spring 2017

Wow – I can’t believe everything that’s been going on. I’ve been doing quite a lot of writing, arranging & recording in the new studio and a few projects I’ve been a part of are finally ready for release, like Damien Marley’s new material. I’ll keep you posted as to the exact release date for that. We had a great time in the studio and we can’t wait to have it come out.

We’re already 5 weeks into Season 24 of Dancing With The Stars. Tomorrow is another exciting “Disney Night” episode of the show and, it’s always so cool to be a part of sharing the stage with Mickey & gang!

The Studio

Fun on DWTS!

Lots more news coming your way & stay tuned for the new-look website coming soon! Also, I’d love to have you join me on Instagram too 🙂 God bless –

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Here we go – 2017 is here!

Good day y’all! I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited about all the new adventures a new year brings and I expect 2017 to be no different. A new website is coming soon – I’ll keep you posted about that, a lot of new musical opportunities are a-brewin’ and I’m generally looking forward to a year full of new opportunities. Stay tuned here and let’s stay in touch as we move into the year. Here’s to all that you’re hoping and praying for, health and happiness for us and our loved ones and peace and prosperity throughout the world. God bless you – let’s do this!

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Happy Holidays

As we approach the end of a blessed 2016, I wanted to take a minute to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a joyous New Year. 2016 was a year full of blessings as we welcomed new children into the world and also tinged with sadness as we said goodbye to those we loved.

As we transition into this new year full of questions, may we hold on to that which binds us and not bend our ears to the voices of division which surround us both here in America and throughout the world. Here’s to a wonderful holiday season and to a very safe and prosperous New Year. May 2017 be full of all the best life has to offer! God bless us all 🙂

Christmas Fireplacebuddahdiscoverunityfaithislamo-hanukkah-menorahs-facebook

Feliz Natal to all my Brazilian friends!


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Latest Happenings

Hey everybody! I hope all is well. Whew, I can’t believe we’re already in Week 5 of Dancing With the Stars. It’s been a great season so far, full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns.Thus far, my personal highlight was playing Baritone Saxophone on the Muppet Theme song for the “TV Themes” night of #DWTS.


My studio’s been humming and I love having a space such as this. I’m excited to see what types of music comes out of it. It’s been fun working with friends & learning my way around some new pieces of gear. ayana-1

I recently played a “Bon Voyage” gig in Santa Monica with legendary Brazilian composer, Dori Caymmi, on his last American show before moving back to Brazil. It was an emotional night to send off a friend and teacher to his homeland.dori

I also just did a fun interview from my studio with WHAM in my hometown of Rochester, NY for a segment on Good Day Rochester which will air sometime in the next, few weeks. I’ll put an announcement here so you can tune in. good-day-rochester

Otherwise, I’m blessed with being active doing gigs around town, recording with various artists and dedicating time to the show and having a blast working with my brothers in the #DWTS horn section. You have no idea how much fun we have! As we always say, “Hire real horns!”


Join us each & every Monday night on ABC Television. Check your you local listing for time & channel.

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Heading to Japan & Hawaii

Hey guys, we’re heading back to Japan for a series of shows with Sergio Mendes & Brazil 2016. Japan has become a home away from home for us and we love every chance we get to go back to our other home. From the Tokyo Jazz Fest to shows in Northern Japan, this promises to be a memorable trip. Afterwards, we take the show to Hawaii to play in Honolulu and Maui. Please come join us if you can – We’d love to see you!

All the details are on my SHOWS tabs above – or you can click HERE TJazz-1 TJazz-2Asia 2015-1

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Summer Fun!

What a great summer I’ve been having! Went to Israel with my Sergio Mendes family, performed at a castle/winery in Napa that was stunning and looked as if we were in the heart of Tuscany, took a small vaca and did some shows in one of my favorite cities, Seattle, and returned home to start working in my newly completed studio! . The most exciting part was, the first project I got to work on in the new space was to complete my orchestral arrangements for the Sergio Mendes Hollywood Bowl shows 🙂 Too cool to be able to hear the amazing Hollywood Bowl Orchestra play my charts….. It’s gonna be a very exciting weekend that’s for sure! Love to have you come to the shows. Full details on the weekend under the stars at the Bowl are on my SHOWS tab or just click here. Here are some shots of my summer thus far. Enjoy!

Live My Bag 13707660_10208679801585569_8305514254411010873_n 13738294_10208679801465566_5642671460593675197_o Sax Shot 13782009_10208679801385564_3501910325985606755_n Flute My Score

As always, I post a BUNCH more pics on my Instagram page and would love to have you join me there too!

Yay Summer 🙂 God bless!


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Seattle Times

Where do I start? What an AMAZING time I had in Seattle! Every time I come here I enjoy it more & more. This visit was a combo vaca & work and I loved every minute of it. I also love the music supporters here. They’re some of the best in the country and their energy always pulls a lot out of us and the performances couldn’t have been better.  Here are some pics from my time here – Enjoy!

Seattle-2 Seattle-3 Seattle-5 Seattle-6 Seattle-7

Please follow me on Instagram too where I post more pics of my journeys!

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Israel 2016

As I write this, it’s 5:00am in Tel Aviv where we’ve spent the week and, I’m awake finding new music on YouTube. This time it’s a classic album from Brazil called “Só no Apito” by Padre Miguel from the 70’s. It’s all about the Batucada rhythms of Brazil and it and other music like it kept me up until 5:30am last night sitting in my room and dancing in my seat! I just couldn’t go to sleep. You won’t either if you click on the link – You’ve been warned!

I’ve had such a great time here in Israel. It’s been really hot & humid but, with a hotel right on the beach, you know where we spent all of our free time! Who wouldn’t when you’re on the shores of the Mediterranean? The food was great and the people were warm, passionate and gave us so much love during the shows that we wanted to play all night long! It was a truly special time to bring the music of Brazil to the people of Israel. May we get the chance to do it again in the not so distant future.

Here are some pics from our trip. As always, feel free to pop over to my Instagram page, where I post LOTS more pics of my journeys. That way, we get to take the journey together. Enjoy 🙂Beach-1 Beach-2 Maestro Me & H2O Menorah Poster


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Minneapolis & Chicago Spring 2016

Had a great time playing in Minneapolis & Chicago with Sergio Mendes & the gang! Best part, aside from the great performances and audiences that came out to support us, was meeting up with old friends from tours gone by and family that I hadn’t seen it quite some time. Here are some pics from the trip. Enjoy!

Minneapolis –



Chicago –


13312829_10208298656457179_4629618382709186162_n 13319986_10208298656777187_3786126509637896322_n 13325621_10208298656017168_6281354243155915585_n 13327447_10208298657737211_275265858795673136_n 13339705_10208298656297175_8360958669012264948_n

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DWTS Season 22

As we approach the end of Season 22, I’m in disbelief that it’s gone by so quickly. I hope you’ve had as much fun watching as we had playing and singing for such a super talented group of celebrities, athletes and dancers. Special thanks to Ray Chew for leading the way throughout the season and my amazing family of endorsers, Yamaha Winds, Reunion Blues Cases, D’Addario Woodwinds & Westone Audio for the instruments I play, cases that keep my instruments safe & sound, the reeds that help me play with such ease and for the great sounding in-ear monitors I use on stage and in the studio. Of course, I have to send love to my brothers in the horn section, Andrew Lippman, Javier Gonzalez & Harry Kim. Whether dancing, writing or playing, we did it! 🙂

Now, as we prep for the Finale next week, here are some pics from the season. Be sure to tune in to the Finale on May 23 & 24 to see who, between Paige, Nyle & Ginger, takes home the  coveted Mirror Ball trophy. Enjoy!Mayo on DWTS-1DWTS Horns Latin Week Horns Me & CJ Selfie Stick HornsDWTS Season 22 Band

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The Prince Is Gone….

April 22:

I’ve just been numb all day and couldn’t comment on the loss of another giant…. He had a HUGE impact on me and I always admired him for a plethora of reasons – too many to name here. The thing I admired the most was his desire & demand for excellence in his music. Without ever knowing him, his demand for excellence always inspired me to reach higher, dig deeper, stay up a little later & get up a little earlier in order to get better at my craft & to show respect to my Creator for the gift that I’ve been given.

Michael Jackson, Maurice White, & Prince were all artists whose imprint on my life was HUGE and this, as was their loss, hits me particularly hard cuz he was just a complete bad-ass! The chasm between his amazing talent and the madness we’re left with, that they call music, has been made even wider & even more apparent. I’m starting to get really mad so I’m just gonna stop and go to bed….. It’s just not right….

 April 23:

As I listen to Prince all & every day, I wanted to share the desktop pic that I use every now & then as inspiration plus my one and only one Prince story:

Years ago, I was on tour with Anita Baker. Her percussionist was Sheila E’s dad, the legendary Pete Escovedo. Sheila & Prince came to see the show. Afterwards, Peter & I walked her to the waiting limo outside. As we approached the body guarded car, the window lowered and the HUGE body guard leaned into the window to be given a message meant for me. I was only allowed to get so close when the body guard came up to me and said, “Prince says he likes the sax player!”


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Season 22 of Dancing With The Stars is officially upon us & I couldn’t be more excited about it! This cast looks to be one of the best ever. The first show already produced some incredible celebrity dancers and this season’s going to be a good one. Join us each and every Monday night on ABC Television @ 8:00PM. Check your local listing for time and channel.

DWTS Season 22

A shot I took from the set a few days ago!MY DWTS Set Pic

Join us every Monday night & for more behind the scenes pics, follow me on Instagram too!

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Sergio Mendes Asia 2016 Tour

JapanFlag PhilippinesFlag





Greetings from Japan where the 17 hour time difference from Los Angeles is just doing wonders for my sleep patterns…. I get to wake up every 2 hours! Frustrating but I’m used to it. That circadian rhythm thing is a real thing and when you travel to the other part of the planet, it does affect you. The best part is, we got here safely so I’m grateful for God’s grace as we travel. We’ve had a great, few days here and I’m looking forward to many more. We’re performing in Japan & the Philippines. If you’re in Asia and would like to attend a show, I have our full schedule here. Click the above SHOWS tab for detailed info on each show so you can join the fun of the Sergio Mendes band live!

Here are a few shots but the rest are on my Instagram page –

Follow me there so you can get an inside look at what we do on tour.

The men that make up Brazil 2016!Brazil2016 in Tokyo

This is the view we had from our hotel’s breakfast restaurant of Tokyo Tower! Incredible huh?

Mayo TokyoTower

The Bullet Train we took from Tokyo this morning and yes, it really is as fast as it looks!Myo Bullet Train



Stay tuned for more!

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Tennessee Tech LIVE STREAM Concert

I’m excited to be performing with the jazz ensembles of Tennessee Tech tonight! With music from Duke Ellington, Pat Metheny, Gerald Wilson & many more, tonight promises to be inspiring. I’ve had a great time with the students here all week and tonight will be the culmination of all of our time together. I’d love to have you join us via the LIVE stream.

It all goes down tonight at 7:30PM Central Time – click here to join the stream: https://www.tntech.edu/education/music/live

TTU Poster

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